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Question unwanted shortcut icon on Desktop
Hi all, I'm not expert at all in command line knowledge, even though I'm acting as an Ubuntu beginner. Completely new of TrueOs which is catching me, I'm trying it under VMware Player, installed the last release (31 march) + the VMware tools, it works.
First of all, I'd like to remove a useless shortcut icon on the desktop titled TRUEOS_INSTALL, it is a shortcut to the CD0 device. It works fine for opening/read the device, but I do not want to see it there. If I right click for Properties, I'm not even allowed to rename it (I can enter a new name but then "save" option remains greyed). Then if I choose "remove", it disappears just for the ongoing session, ready to reappear at next reboot.
Could you suggest a way to have it permanently deleted?
Thank all by now

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