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Problem Fed up and raging after 5 Minutes, beating little kittens dead

Because im Fed up of Loonix Bullshit, i thought i give this a try, because BSD is soooo mature and sooo great and stable.

I installed TrueOS on VMware, and after executing the first commands after install of the System and the Ports im getting angry:

# cd /usr/ports/x11/konsole && make install clean

fails, because llvm39 does not compile.

Ok, workaround known, install with pkg, which works. Good.

Next, i need vmware tools:

cd /usr/ports/emulators/open-vm-tools && make install clean


===> open-vm-tools-1280544_16,1 requires kernel source files in /usr/src

Why, o, Why? Just download the source and extract it there, why bother me?

Next, and this is where im getting really angry: No documentation on how to get the kernel source? Is this a joke? Ok googling around, finding outdated legacy information which doesnt work (E.g. Use control center - which doesnt open in fluxbox).
Ok, logged again in lumious wm, opening control center - Woho, it comes up. But i dont find the mentioned point "system administration" -> "fetch source".

Or download the source with
fetch`uname -s`/releases/`uname -m`/`uname -r`/src.txz

Which also doesnt work. Yeah, theres no FreeBSD-12.0 kernel there. ARGH

And this is the point where i'd like to run amok.
But i wont do it, and just shit post this on your forum, not silently raging myself, but spreading the word that TrueOS == FAIL, and equally crap to loonix bullshit.

Couldnt this work out of the box as supposed to?
read the handbook about ports

also head over to as that is where trueos support has migrated to
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MZWK I didn't use google, like you did. Instead I used to search it, and it came up that TrueOS is using OpenRC so the scripts wont work like they do in FreeBSD because FreeBSD scripts are using rc.d Which is why installing from source is extremely discouraged in TrueOS and using pkg is extremely encouraged.

 So don't even try to use the portsnap. They are converting a bunch of (common) scripts to OpenRC so they will run without hassle on TrueOS but that takes time, and they are converting them on a first come first serve basis.

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