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Problem SysAdm losing connection
I don't know if anyone else has run in to this or if it is something simple I am missing, but the SysAdm keeps loosing connection and because of that there is no apps in AppCafe or the ability to update.

Hopefully it is something simple.

I don't know if it matters but this is a system that I upgraded from PC-BSD.  I want to upgrade my wife who is still running it, but she wont put up with a flaky system.
are you running stable or unstable? when was the last time you updated?

Also, it's better to move over to to ask as well. That's the place the devs have setup for TrueOS support
I believe I am running stable.  I will check that, and it has been a couple of weeks since the system has updated.  I will also move over to discourse with this problem.
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i check this once a day, where has discourse is monitored by the devs and others

thank you
The latest updates for the STABLE TrueOS repo went out on Feb 7th, so you might just need to manually check/start the updates and that will fix it for you. There was a short time there where the sysadm service was having some interesting issues, and I am willing to bet you just need to update.
~ Ken Moore ~
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Ok I will try to force the update before I bother anyone with the issue.  I have also saved the discourse link if I have problems down the road.

On a side note the Lumina desktop has come leaps and bounds and it looking good.

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Off to discourse.  I tried the a couple of thing including a fresh install using the latest media and it lost connection to local system.

I know the devs are going to make this read only in the next few weeks.

The update to the latest STABLE should have fixed the issue.
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