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End of support for PC-BSD, read-only mode for PC-BSD Forums
Apologies for the bluntness. In context:

> The Redmine bug tracker for PCBSD has been shutdown because PCBSD is no longer supported.

(Access to is no longer authorised, and so on.)

Moving forward:
Although PCBSD is no longer supported there is still a wealth of information on here (the PCBSD forum) that could still prove useful to many of us. I hope they don't do away with this forum also. If they do there is really nothing we (as regular users) can do about it, but it's just my hope that they don't.
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  • grahamperrin
Yesterday's and the subsequent post were reassuring. In a nutshell: things were mistakenly locked down harder than was originally intended, then put right.

Quote:Sorry about this one; there was an issue with permissions and Redmine and archives. We took a look with Kris and moved the project to "closed" (read-only), as was intended. Users should now be able to navigate to … and browse through the discontinued issue tracker.


Quote:… meant to be read-only so people could continue to view and monitor issues that were still relevant. This was simply a mistake and not an intentional decision from what I understand.
All users of this forum, please note:

(02-19-2017, 11:07 AM)RodMyers Wrote: … devs are going to make this read only in the next few weeks. …

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