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Question Questions about the transition from PC-BSD to TrueOS
(10-07-2016, 06:37 PM)Oko Wrote:
(10-07-2016, 03:02 PM)Tiberius Duval Wrote: Installation itself went easily, installer allows zfs on root nicely, no problems with that. After that it is mostly compiling some ports, installing other things from packages, and little fidling with configuration files. Main problems were mostly some small details like how to get desktop environment work, how to mount ntfs filesystems so that user will have access and so on. A lot of googling and stubbornnes and things mostly worked out.

I am not interested in the desktop. I run big file servers. Typically I use only few ports for monitoring so I should be OK as long as I can import ZFS pools.

Roughly same procedure still. FreeBSD comes with pretty few services running, basically just base system. So you need install and configure everything you may need. That's the job intensive part of it. Though in that way you get exactly what you want, and when done once it most likely will not ever need to be done again.

While FreeBSD handbook and other documentation is helpfull you'll likely still need to read relevant forum posts and other sources of knowledge.
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  • grahamperrin
(08-28-2016, 05:05 PM)Tiberius Duval Wrote: Hmm from how far TrueOS follows FreeBSD current? Meaning if I understand correctly code in "current" is work in progress, meaning that while it offers new features, it could also offer new and interesting bugs and problems. One thing I have liked in PC-BSD is relative stability, quite rarely update has messed my system totally. (I don't use edege repository). Are changes implemented as fast as possbile or something like after few weeks of testing?

Independent of the name change from PC-BSD to TrueOS, there is concern about what base version of FreeBSD will be used.  I wonder if the prospect of having updated drivers from 11-CURRENT is a good enough reason to migrate everyone from the -RELEASE version to -CURRENT.  The FreeBSD Handbook warns of the need for "a high degree of technical skill" when using -CURRENT and warns that it can bring "disaster or new functionality." recommends against using -CURRENT for production units. Here is a relevant and well-known quote from the FreeBSD Handbook.

Quote:FreeBSD-CURRENT is the “bleeding edge” of FreeBSD development and FreeBSD-CURRENT users are expected to have a high degree of technical skill. Less technical users who wish to track a development branch should track FreeBSD-STABLE instead.

FreeBSD-CURRENT is the very latest source code for FreeBSD and includes works in progress, experimental changes, and transitional mechanisms that might or might not be present in the next official release. While many FreeBSD developers compile the FreeBSD-CURRENT source code daily, there are short periods of time when the source may not be buildable. These problems are resolved as quickly as possible, but whether or not FreeBSD-CURRENT brings disaster or new functionality can be a matter of when the source code was synced.

FreeBSD-CURRENT is made available for three primary interest groups:

  1. Members of the FreeBSD community who are actively working on some part of the source tree.
  2. Members of the FreeBSD community who are active testers. They are willing to spend time solving problems, making topical suggestions on changes and the general direction of FreeBSD, and submitting patches.
  3. Users who wish to keep an eye on things, use the current source for reference purposes, or make the occasional comment or code contribution.
FreeBSD-CURRENT should not be considered a fast-track to getting new features before the next release as pre-release features are not yet fully tested and most likely contain bugs. It is not a quick way of getting bug fixes as any given commit is just as likely to introduce new bugs as to fix existing ones. FreeBSD-CURRENT is not in any way “officially supported”.

I have every confidence in Kris and the members of his development team whom certainly know much more about FreeBSD than the average user, and who have given us this gift of a fabulous desktop and built a great user base.  However, I hope we will not get beset by huge glitches, bugs, and technical difficulties for our day-to-day desktops.  Perhaps it would be better to keep distinct installations for PB-BSD/TrueOS -RELEASE, -STABLE, and -CURRENT since many users will not be in the "three primary interest groups" for whom -CURRENT is intended.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
FitchKendall AT
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  • Tiberius Duval, Sérgio, JLK_1369
I'm using TrueOS. I installed it in the same pool as a PC-BSD 11 installation (which I never could get to upgrade properly).
Installation was a little confusing - but in the end it all fell into place - including a two monitor set up and nvidia card.
There was an update a week or so back which I found very confusing - but that also fell into place fairly quickly (but don't ask me how).
The machine I have it running on is quite old - but this TrueOS goes like lightning; it really is very very quick.
Bootup time is the fastest of any OS on this machine by a long way.
Even closing Chromium or Firefox is very quick - I am really, really impressed.
Only problem is that some applications won't update from either AppCafe or command line; they keep returning with "size mismatch" replies which I hope will be solved soon.

As said, very impressed - I'm now using it as a production system; no problems so far.
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  • grahamperrin
(11-08-2016, 11:51 AM)Zagzigger Wrote: … some applications won't update … "size mismatch" …

  1. In a terminal window
  2. sudo pkg update -f
  3. sudo pc-updatemanager pkgupdate
If step 3 does not lead to what's required then please post to TrueOS Community. (I thought I offered a comparable answer there a few days ago, but I can't find it.)
Well, it's not really a question but more a comment on the name TrueOS that Graham didn't think fit on and referred me here and to Ken's post at

Primarily I want to state that I support the name TrueOS all the way after some consideration. And Ken has a lot of good points in his post except in one particular point namely "4) The name:"

Quote:"PC-BSD": not only is it a pain to type out properly (resulting in all sorts of common shorthand), it is also difficult to say (especially for non-english speakers).

That's not entire true.
I speak English quite well I think, but it's not my native language. I'm in Sweden and Swedish is my language.
While TrueOS has to be pronounced in English since it would be "SantOS" or "VerkligtOS" translated to Swedish, a set of letters/an acronym like PC-BSD is pronounced like "PeCe BeSDe" (if you pronounce the E's like "eh") and that probably no big deal in any language Wink

Actually FreeBSD is also more lets say international since "free" is the same word in Swedish, it only spells different like "fri". The letter "i" is pronounced "e".

Well, this may actually be some kind if worthless knowledge for you guys, just maybe as some kind of curiosity   Wink

That's right, I also have a question, hope someone can answer it. It's important for me and refures to the post on the TrueOS Discourse link above.

The Website says:
Quote:Also, our brand new driver package brings in support for newer Intel graphics chipsets and hardware.

I hope that it includes drivers pkg for the new AMD Radeon HD 8180G graphics as well, like for this machine that wouldn't run with 10.3. Will it?
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  • grahamperrin
(11-08-2016, 11:16 PM)grahamperrin Wrote:
(11-08-2016, 11:51 AM)Zagzigger Wrote: … some applications won't update … "size mismatch" …

  1. In a terminal window
  2. sudo pkg update -f
  3. sudo pc-updatemanager pkgupdate
If step 3 does not lead to what's required then please post to TrueOS Community. (I thought I offered a comparable answer there a few days ago, but I can't find it.)

Many thanks - worked perfectly, although I found it surprising that it wanted to update 400 packages etc.
Have tested the new system and it seems to be able to download new applications now (although only tried one so far).

However, there does seem to be a slight glitch (I presume in the new Lumina) and that is that when gapcmon is run at the start (to see the status of my UPS), two panels are created on the left hand side of the bottom screen panel as well as two small icons on the desktop that are very difficult to move. The expected two icons on the right hand side of the panel are also there (not shown in attachments, but this has been standard for years - way back to Linux).
Any attempts to delete the icons from the desktop or the left hand side of the bottom panel results in gapmon being closed down - and of course the two icons on the right, (which should always be there) - disappearing. 

Not a big deal, but annoying and possible a sign of a misconfiguration somewhere. 

Many thanks again; as said very impressed with speed and stability.

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(11-09-2016, 10:52 PM)RobIWW Wrote: … hope that it includes drivers pkg for the new AMD Radeon HD 8180G graphics as well, like for this machine that wouldn't run with 10.3. Will it?

I'd like to see a 2016 blog post at The Graphics stack on FreeBSD.

A FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report for July to September 2016 should be linked, before too long, from FreeBSD News Flash. The last report included news about graphics, we can expect more news in the forthcoming report.

In the meantime, there's FreeBSDDesktop/freebsd-base-graphics …
Like what is the point of changing the name. Now the websites have merged and both logos are on both sites. The forum still has PCBSD url and logo for TrueBSD. Not sure why anyone wanted to change it since everyone has known PCBSD for a long time and it explains what this OS is. The TrueOS name makes it even more confusing considering there is a TrueBSD that is a separate project. 

Also, what is the point of True OS server it seems like a complete waste when the whole point of PCBSD was to make a FreeBSD desktop variant if we wanted server we would just stick with FreeBSD.  As it is it's not very clear what is different other than just rebranding FreeBSD. 

I love the idea of a desktop BSD don't get me wrong I appreciate the work that goes into it but I think some of this stuff puts off new users.
Topics merged.

(03-08-2017, 08:25 AM)Ozfer Wrote: …the name. …

Please see post 9; and others in this topic.
I'd say the main problem that a remark like this

"...The forum still has PCBSD url and logo for TrueBSD...." (

still comes up at this point is that

A) that there was a "folder" for TrueOS was created in the pcbsd forum in the first place when it was clear that there would be a seperate TrueOS forum anyway, and

B) that this part of the pcsbd forum is still "open" and not yet set to read-only with a notice (that can't be missed) to head over to the TrueOS forum for ALL questions regarding TrueOS.

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