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Forum theme pcbsd-duende
Hey there! 

There is another thread talking about how some users "abuse" the prefix capability.  I have just added a small information hover thingy near the prefix dropdown which might help explain and give some direction for its use.  Other issues with possibly excessive display of the actual prefix in a post are things I will have to look at adjusting in future efforts if at all, I am not entirely decided on it.

Aside from this, which I will need to propagate to all the other templates, are there any other prefixes that would be useful anywhere?
I also want to make the "Link/Stub" for a forum also display the same information as a normal forum- example, Lumina de from within the Desktop Questions and Support category. This will have to go on the todo list where ever it is, but I'm noting this concept here so I won't completely forget about it. Another thing to revise is how the "collapsed" rules box stuff is displayed, since my impression was that it ought to be an unobtrusive link or similar and not disrupt things or change vertical spacing quite so much.

I definitely love that the "waiting" spinner works these days, sooo much nicer than without.
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