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The Design And Implementation Of The FreeBSD Operating System 2nd Edition
Marshall Kirk McKusick
George V. Neville-Neil
Robert N. M. Watson

If you want kernel internals with the details. This is the book to get.

Highly recommended
Keep rockin' in the free world
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This is an excellent UNIX API book, and covers as much as APUE or TLPI by Kerrisk, but in the BSD flavor. Very tasty! There is a beautiful diagram on how zfs fits between VNODE layer and the geom layer, but I think there should be more on zfs in it. UFS chapter is good background, but I would have preferred a more in-depth archaeology of zfs. How the system comes up and goes down is neatly explained. Just about anything you want to know about the API's is in this book. Buy it if you're a systems programmer!
(03-31-2015, 06:22 AM)bobk48 Wrote: ...but I think there should be more on zfs in it.

If you're interested in ZFS, Michael Lucas is currently writing a book about it. He has mentioned that he wants to get it finished and published by the time of BSDCan 2015, which is in the middle of June. So not long to wait for it.

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