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Default Mouse Pointer has Shadow
I installed PC-BSD on a Panasonic CF-28 Toughbook and most things worked right off the start which was great but I do have one issue in that the mouse pointer has a shadow underneath it that looks like a thick line that follows it around. The pointer still works but I am wondering if there a way to correct this. Even selecting different pointer styles does not make it disappear. Let me know if anybody has any ideas.
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Old 03-16-2008, 10:19 PM
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Default Re: Mouse Pointer has Shadow
/* note that this is not my area of expertise */

If you go to the login screen, click session-> fluxbox and log in.

Does it still do it?

You can exit fluxbox by right clicking on the desktop background and finding the quit/exit fluxbox button. To get back to the normal session at the login screen select session-> KDE and login (it remembers the last used).

If it doesn't do it while fluxbox is running but does it while KDE (the normal desktop) irregardless of pointer settings. I'd consider upgrading the laptops memory, afaik the default on your model is 256MB which is actually closer to 224MB after your graphics card steals 32MB of it. And expandable up to 768MB of total RAM.

I've used PC-BSD on systems with as little as 384MB (-8MB stolen by the onboard graphics card) without problems but it was like KDE3.4 back then, PC-BSD 1.5 shipped with KDE 3.5.8 lol.

Just my wild guess.
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