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Default Can't get Python IDLE to work - Tkinter error
I just downloaded and installed PC-BSD 1.4.1 with Python 2.5.1 installed, and wanted to fire up IDLE (a python IDE which is packaged with the language) by typing 'idle' (minus the quotes) at the terminal. However, it does not work.

I know that I could just use another editor, but IDLE is a cross-platform IDE and *should* work.


---Error message in Python---
** IDLE can't import Tkinter. Your Python may not be configured for Tk. **

---Steps taken attempting to resolve the issue---
I've installed the ports package, and when I cd to /usr/ports/x-11-toolkits, I see that py-tkinter is indeed installed. I also double checked that TK and TCL are installed, and they both are. Given that all the requisite dependencies are installed, I am puzzled as to why I can't simply import the tkinter module into python when I launch it at the command line and thereby launch IDLE.

I have perused the tkinter wiki on the python website and tried the suggestions there without any success:

I also came across another person having the same unresolved problem, but with a slightly older version of FreeBSD and Python. ... 87665.html

So any ideas to enable me to use IDLE in PC-BSD will be most appreciated.
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Default Re: Can't get Python IDLE to work - Tkinter error
I am running:

Terry@dixie$ uname -a; echo ''; PBReg get /PC-BSD/Version                  5:04
FreeBSD 6.3-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 6.3-PRERELEASE #2: Wed Nov  7 10:54:48 EST 2007     root@pcbsd:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/PCBSD  i386                                                                
Terry@dixie$                                                               5:05
Did a sudo pkg_add -r of py25-tkinter (my box is configured to allow me to use sudo pkg_add) followed by a rehash:

idle runs fine

running the python interpreter I can import 'Tkinter' and 'Tix' fine.

Looking at IDLE for the first time in a year or so it looks like it might be a worth while replacement to gvim+cmd.exe on my windows box but I think from the looks of it I'd rather think emacs with the right package would work better then idle (and I'm a Vi man).
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