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Default VMWare tools
Hello again, congrats on the new release : very, very nice.
STill getting to grips with C/over to PC-BSD
Typing in PCBSD VM now.

Grabbed the v1.4 and the vmimage: Running the image in Workstation 6.02.59824 (rel 18-10-07); see message "VMTools out of date"
Run "Install VMTools" routine, for me : extract tgz to desktop: cd to directory, run ./ All looks good.
Get VM dialog running..enter..enter..enter:
"Success" message
Reboot, no mouse control present, have to 'grab" mouse in VM and host. Bugger. Go round again: reboot, restart VM: same issue.

Not a big thing, but what have I done wrong? :?

AND: I have found old Dell Laptop with Win2000 installed
PIII, 1G ram, ethernet, 20G HD:
Can I run PCBSD as dual boot from own partiton on this machine? IS there a link for doofus explanation on setting up dual boot?

Not enough $$ yet for more utd machine: (soon though) dont want to ruin good OS with crappy HW.

BTW where the hell do the thousands of old ie 2 year old laptops go?
There must be literally thousands of 2nd hand ex-corporate LTs floating around, but try and buy one..pfft. PITA

PS the home page doent render well in FF
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