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Default Can't connect to CUPS server -- solved
I installed PC-BSD two days ago on a laptop. I am now trying to get CUPS to work but am unable to connect to the server. Immediately after the install as I was exploring the system I was able to connect to the CUPS server using Konqueror and http://localhost:631. Since my printers are connected to my Linux box and I didn't have wireless working at the time, I quit the CUPS page without changes. I now have wireless working and am trying to configure CUPS but I am unable to connect to the server. cupsd is running. This is the tail of /var/log/cups/error-log representing the last restart of cupsd.

I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:51 -0400] Scheduler shutting down normally.
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:51 -0400] Saving remote.cache...
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:51 -0400] Saving job cache file "/var/cache/cups/job.cache"...
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] Listening to ::1:631 (IPv6)
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] Listening to (IPv4)
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] Listening to (IPv4)
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] Listening to :::631 (IPv6)
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] Listening to (IPv4)
W [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] "AuthClass Anonymous" is deprecated; consider removing it from line 835.
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] Loaded configuration file "/usr/local/etc/cups/cupsd.conf"
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] Using default TempDir of /var/spool/cups/tmp...
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:53 -0400] Cleaning out old temporary files in "/var/spool/cups/tmp"...
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Configured for up to 100 clients.
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Allowing up to 100 client connections per host.
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Creating CUPS default administrative policy:
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] <Policy default>
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] <Limit Send-Document Send-URI Cancel-Job Hold-Job Release-Job Restart-Job Purge-Jobs Set-Job-Attributes Create-Job-Subscription Renew-Subscription Cancel-Subscription Get-Notifications Reprocess-Job Cancel-Current-Job Suspend-Current-Job Resume-Job CUPS-Move-Job CUPS-Authenticate-Job>
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Order Deny,Allow
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Require user @OWNER @SYSTEM
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] </Limit>
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] <Limit Pause-Printer Resume-Printer Set-Printer-Attributes Enable-Printer Disable-Printer Pause-Printer-After-Current-Job Hold-New-Jobs Release-Held-New-Jobs Deactivate-Printer Activate-Printer Restart-Printer Shutdown-Printer Startup-Printer Promote-Job Schedule-Job-After CUPS-Add-Printer CUPS-Delete-Printer CUPS-Add-Class CUPS-Delete-Class CUPS-Accept-Jobs CUPS-Reject-Jobs CUPS-Set-Default>
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Order Deny,Allow
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] AuthType Basic
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Require user @SYSTEM
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] </Limit>
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] <Limit All>
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Order Deny,Allow
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] </Limit>
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] </Policy>
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Full reload is required.
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Loaded MIME database from '/usr/local/etc/cups': 34 types, 38 filters...
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Loading job cache file "/var/cache/cups/job.cache"...
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Full reload complete.
E [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Unable to bind socket for address ::1:631 - Can't assign requested address.
E [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Unable to bind socket for address - Can't assign requested address.
E [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Unable to bind socket for address - Can't assign requested address.
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Listening to :::631 on fd 2...
I [22/Jul/2007:09:52:54 -0400] Listening to on fd 3...

When I try to connect to Konqueror returns FORBIDDEN

laptop# ls /var/db/pkg | grep cups

laptop# pgrep cupsd

laptop# sockstat | grep cups
root cupsd 1313 2 tcp6 *:631 *:*
root cupsd 1313 3 tcp4 *:631 *:*
root cupsd 1313 4 udp4 *:631 *:

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Edit: Problem was no configuration for lo0 so connection to localhost was not possible. Found the solution in this forum. Thanks.
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Old 08-17-2007, 07:08 PM
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Did you give permissions to cup daemon to access you printer

edit devfs.conf

pern lp0 0666

read dmesg first printer might be ugen0
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