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Default Booting into GUI with PC-BSD
I downloaded the PC-BSD 1.3 VMware image and was very impressed with the fact that:

1. It booted directly into a GUI, with KDE as the Window manager
2. When I click on KDE menu, the logout option gives me the options to log off the session, turn of the computer and restart the computer.

I decided to install the latest snapshot of PC-BSD, but these nice options are not part of it, even though this is a full install.

How do I enable this options on the latest snapshot exactly as they are in the 1.3 version (vmare image version)???

Annoyances I got with v1.3 -
a) USB mouse fails to work on my HP DC 7600
b) Sound card on this hardware does not work!
c) my soundblaster 5.1 souncard on my old HP Pavilion is not working also.

Thanks. I know I have not given much detail on the annoyances, but sound is NOT so important to me as the USB mouse issue
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Welcome and thanks for your feedback
You can send your suggestions and problems to the testing mailing list:
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