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Default Defining default browser and default e-mail reader
It seems we have a hard time defining a default browser and a default e-mail reader under KDE. For instance when you install a new browser, when you click a link inside KDE, it still opens the URL in Konqueror. Sames for for e-mail and KMail...

Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

I have come up with a solution. Please let me know what you think. We could define 2 system variable2 during start up, for instance:

These system variables could be altered by a nice GUI in the K Control Center. Then, we would create shell scripts under /usr/local/bin:

Each of these scripts would grab the system variable and pass parameters over to the default browser or mail client. For instance, if you type 'browser' and if your default browser is set to "Opera", then this shell script will execute:
opera --remote 'openURL(,new-page)'
This way, just use the generic "browser" application to open an URL, and it'll use your default browser. Same goes for e-mail, and maybe other applications...
What do you think? :roll:
Do you have a better idea?
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Until and unless something better comes along Charles, I'm all for it ;-)
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KDEs Kontrol Kenters KDE Kompoants leKs yoK ChooKe the onK yoK wanK.

Ok I'll stop with the K's hehehe.

KDE lets you chose default IM, MUA, WWW, and Editor but the choice is very limited in spots where you can't just say use /path/app. For E-Mail and Browser it's very easy, editor and im your screwed from the GUI. Un less you play with your file assioations and mime types. It might be possible in a PBI to give a popup "Do you want to make X the default browser?"

If yes, then set it up in the undocumented AFAIK how to access the $USER who ran the PBI installers ~/.kde/*/some_Konfig if it's possible :-)

Other wise they just have to do it them self. I have and every thing opens in Seamonkey, Opera used to have problems that it would open my home page instead of load the given page (likly b/c of my settings in 9.01).

I'm not sure what is better documented, KDE Konfiguration files or the PBI Installation/Run Time.... Sorry K? lol
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