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Default Stallman on Qt, the GPL, KDE, and GNOME
Stallman on Qt, the GPL, KDE, and GNOME
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The only things I really have respectfully to say about him for what I know of RMS is that he seems to hold his ground and is probably one of the most skillful computer people alive.

IMHO, if KDE/QT is a problem -> the GPL is the problem as well. I've seen so much software under the GPL for no better reason then they had to or it's a generic free software license. Do I want the GPL? Nooo, do I want Free Software yessss. The GPL is incompatible with my beliefs in Freedom as part of free software. :-)

X11 and Modern BSD style licenses I like, basically: Do what ever the hell you want, there is no warrentee so don't ask for one. Give due credit where its deserved and don't use the copyright holder to advertise it. Have a nice day and enjoy the program.

I feel that source should flow, un encumbered by ether the GPL, older style BSD license (which is more to my ethic then the GPL), or Generic No Rights Closed Source License (GNRCS). Weather MS sells it for $499 a DVD or GNU distros it for free, it should not conflict with the end users nore developer(s) in any way.

If Vim wasn't free enough I'd still use it, in fact if I had the dough I'd donate to the authors favorite charity because of how much good it's done for me. Most GNU software under the GPL I've used ?

Well, I can't say the same about much other then every thing and it's dog seems to rely on ether GNU or MS build tools.

GCC and GDB are under the GPL and I need them, KDE uses QT and I want KDE so there you have it.

< TerryP the nutjob.
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