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Default Can I merge an unused partition into my / partition?
After seeing news of PC-BSD on Slashdot, I decided it's finally time to give BSD a shot. I burned an install CD and booted it on my laptop, which had been dual-booting Windows XP and Linux. The single hard disk was partitioned as follows:

Windows on ad0s1
Linux / on ad0s2
Linux swap on ad0s3

When it came to choosing a location for PC-BSD, I had intended to do a straight replacement of Linux, putting BSD's / on ad0s2 and swap on ad0s3. However, I couldn't seem to get the installer to use ad0s3 for swap; it only gave me the option of splitting ad0s2 into / and swap partitions, or using the whole disk. So I let it put everything on ad0s2, leaving ad0s3 as an unused Linux swap.

If I can, I'd like to reassign ad0s3 as the BSD swap partition, and put ad0s2b back into /. Is that possible? Or can I merge ad0s3 with ad0s2 and keep the current swap? I guess the only other options are to reformat ad0s3 to ext2 and use it as a shared space between BSD and Windows, though that's pretty much wasted space considering how little I use Windows; or reformat it and assign it a mount point, but I don't know where it would be useful.
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Read more about *BSD partitioning scheme and you`ll probobly notice, that BSD systems are using whole partition [for example Linux partition] and make every single partition that system uses inside that -> Linux partition.
So - in this case - your swap partition will be INCLUDED in linux partition.
I`m not sure if there`s any option/chance to assign *external" swap partition for use with the *BSD systems ... well , just goole it and you`ll find an answer. I personally had never tried this trick before, and I do not intend to mess with *BSD partitions, as the current scheme perfectly suits my needs. I just have to backup one partition instead of two, say three partitions and after recovery I get fully functional system.
Marc Smith
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I'd say fdisk away ad0s3 and use growfs to enlarge ad0s2 to fill that space.

I usually use Knoppix+QTParted for my resizing needs but it does not support UFS1/2 So i can't say about the safty of growfs.

Depending on the size of ad0s3 and ad0s2 you might want to format it fat16 or fat32 to use it for storage or recovery.

i.e. ad0s3 mountpoint: /recovery a place to stick backups in a seperate partition. Or
ad0s3 mountpoint: /storage a place to stick your music collection or something.

A partitioning sceme I'd like to try when I can reformat an old computer is a root, user, backup, and logging slices consisting of slice1 / + swap, slice 2 /usr, /home, maybe more swap, slice 3 /Backups, and Slice 4 /var, /tmp, + swap. So areas /w higher writing will be towards the ends along /w swap space and keep the more execution/reading parts of the system thoared the middle of the disk.
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