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Default [HALF SOLVED] Atheros WiFi + WPA-PSK on Acer Laptop | Works!
Since it hasn't been so easy to configure, I'm writing this little howto about how to configure Atheros based WiFi cards on an Acer laptops.
I'm using WPA-PSK auth, since I personally don't like WEP.
So, let's start
This first part applies to all owners of Atheros based WiFi cards, if supported by FreeBSD's if_ath driver.

1)Add the following lines to your /etc/loader.conf
2)Make your /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file like this:

 pairwise=CCMP TKIP
Warning! On some guides aroud the web you'll find to set "ap_scan=2". If you do that, the driver won't work!

3)Properly configure for the new network device your /etc/rc.conf
For example, mine looks like this:
ifconfig_ath0="inet  netmask WPA ssid MYSSID"
Moreover, if you wanna wpa_supplicant started automatically on startup, add the following line to your /etc/rc.conf
If I haven't forgot anything, this should be all necessary for getting WiFi with WPA-PSK connection working.
And now, the dirty and absolutely not "final" way to make WLAN working on Acer Laptops.
As written in other posts, FreeBSD 6.1 kernel still lacks a feature of Acer ACPI implementation to enable wireless hardware.
However, in linux it is available as "acerhk" driver, that you can download here:
The trick consist of that: launch linux, enable wireless (with acerhk (i386) or acer_acpi (amd64) driver) and soft reboot.
Turn into BSD, and voilà! Wireless works!

A fast way to check if WLAN is enabled nevertheless if_ath driver being loaded or not, is doing this:
1)Be sure your AP is on
2)Try this command:
ifconfig ath0 list ap
if nothing is shown, you have WLAN hardware disabled.

I've submitted a request for this driver on FreeBSD bug's list:
Let's hope someone will do it.
Good luck!
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