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Old 03-02-2006, 11:23 AM
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Default PC-BSD performance!!
Hi first I would like to thanks the people behind PC-BSD is without a doubt the easest unix os for what was created for (desktop). well the other day I was kinda bored, and wanted to do something interesting, since I just got the new bellsouth DSL 6 mbps conection I downloaded alot of other OSs like mepis, Kubuntu, nexenta, desktop BSD, I wanted to make my own benchmark performance tests,(not so technically gifted myself) well I got a stopwatch and made 7 different test each with 5 samples of the same. here is how it went ok, ( rembember I am not technical minded myself)

well it took me less than 15 minut to download each of the OS. but nexenta didn't work for some reason.

my computer is an oldone I will be buying a new one next month

gateway P3 730MGZ 125MB of ram with 14GB

I made 5 test of each I will give only the best time and the worst time

1- was boottime: (howlong it took from off to the user loging promt)

mepis: 1- 1 min with 26 sec- 2- 1 min with 45 sec

desktopBSD: 1- 1 min with 14 sec 2- 1 min with 16 sec

PC-BSD: 1- 1 min with 20 sec 2- 1 min with 30 sec

2- from selecting a user to fully loaded KDE:

mepis: 1- 36 sec 2- 36 sec

desktopBSD: 1- 19 sec 2- 22 sec

PC-BSD: 1- 26 SEC 2- 27 sec

3- I used Ksysguard to see the use of ram while the pc was idle

mepis: physical mem: 121,832 KB swap: 12 KB

desktopBSD: p= 120,252 kb swap: 40KB

pc-bsd: P= 116,600 kb swap: 16 KB ( for some reason the swapfile is 1,050,000KB )

4- after opening konqeror browser 20 times in a row

mepis physical mem: 121,636kb swap: 35,000kb

desktopBSD: p: 120,500KB swap: 28,000kb

pc-bsd: P:120,435 kb swap: 168,000KB (the computer got really really slow, I was confused)

5- from clicking restart to user loging prompt

mepis: 3 minut 15sec

desktopbsd: 1 minute 45 sec

PC-bsd: 2 minute even.

6- shutdown time.

mepis: 28 sec

desktopbsd: 45 sec

pc-bsd:30 sec.

well I still trying to understand this numbers, but I was somewhat shocked that pc-bsd got really really slow after opening 20 Kbrowser windows, I opened them in a 2 sec timing. mepis didnt had a trouble and Dbsd didn't even flinch, I wander why, but hey I'm just a bored guy. when I get my new computer I will test alot of other os that don't run in my old pc

I would like to put freebsd vs opensolaris and linux and windows xp to see how they stack..

well thanks guys


my pbi Kb3(k3b?) istill wont work my cdr is a memorex 52 maxx 2452AJ
maybe you guys could help me here

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Old 03-02-2006, 04:11 PM
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4- after opening konqeror browser 20 times in a row

mepis physical mem: 121,636kb swap: 35,000kb

desktopBSD: p: 120,500KB swap: 28,000kb

pc-bsd: P:120,435 kb swap: 168,000KB (the computer got really really slow, I was confused)
This looks strange - 168 megs of swap space? no wonder the puter get slower... This appaers to be a problem in konqi.

About boot-time measures. You really have to know what each os does at boot time to compare apples with apples. For instance, PC-BSD adds some custom scripts that might acount for the slower boot-up process compared to DesktopBSD or FreeBSD (but that scripts adds functionality to the system as well). Mepis might load entirely different stuff by default. I know kubuntu does, for it boots up very slowly compared to PC-BSD, becaus it loads a lot of crap a desktop user would never need (logical volume management) or crap that only specific users need (like HP printing management daemon, which only helps those who have HP printers, while slowing everyone else down). Let me use this opportunity to flame kubuntu again (because it wasted a week of my life): it was incredible how unorganized it was under the shiny surface, and how bad the package management turned out to be. :twisted:
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Old 03-02-2006, 11:54 PM
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Default apples
well the benchmark tests were a way to see how unix-like and real unix "DESKTOP" OSs compared! it was done yesterday afternoon, sorry I was not more specific about it, but I was about to get to work, but now I will tell you all about it. it was going to be more operating systems but for one reason or another somedidn't boot right, in the linux side it was going to be KUBUNTU, GENTOO, MEPIS,. in real unix side was going to be. PC-BSD, desktopBSD.I didn't choose another BSD os because this two guys are expected to be the fastest( freebsd blood) and friendly and the new player in town OPENsolaris. NEXENTA. but forsome reason the it stop at the beganing of the installation, ( I think is because it may need more than 125 mb of ram :x ) gentoo couldn't readwell my monitor or something because all I saw was a gray monitor. kubuntu it has way too many graphics and things going at the start so I guess they should take more ram and time to boot.

THE PLAYERS: MEPIS, DESKTOPBSD, AND PC-BSD each had 3 runs of the same test

each os got the full harddrive installation. I did not partition nothing.
their KDE were set with equal settings and even same background (blue kde)

the first test the computer was off the clock began at the same time I press the on/off boton, and stoped when the user loging screen promt.

here desktopBSD came first with its best time was 1 min. and 14 sec.
second cam PC-BSD with is best time 1 min 20 sec, last is MEPIS with 1 min and 26 sec.

second test was after I click loging to a fully loaded kde.

here desktopbsd camefirst with it bestime 20 sec, second PC-bsd with 26 sec, and mepis with 36 sec.

the third test was just after loging. there were no programs runing nothing just a fresh KDE, I open Ksysguard too check how the OS manage its ram with nothing runing (at least nothing I can see)

the first place here goes to MEPIS using physical memory at 121,760KB. and using only 12 kb (yeah twelf) of 260 mb of swap.

the second place is to PC-BSD with physical: 116,500KB and swap: 16,000kb. ( swap file read 1,050,000KB why? I don't know)

third is DesktopBSD with physical:120,500kb used and swap: 20,000kb(of 320mb)

the forth test I onpened 20 windows of Konqueror webbrowser (the page was the typical on with home and trash and things) I open them in 2 seconds intervals untill I reach the 20 and then I checked the Ksysguard.

I am only going to use Desktop and PC-bsd for this test as I did the first on on mepis using firefox.( I din't want to install the mepis againg)

here DesktopBSD came first with physical memory using: 120,500kb and swap:28,000kb

second PC-BSD. physical 120,400KB and swap: 168,000kb ( wow I know)
the computer was painfully slow I thought it was going to crash. I have no idea way.

I will skip the 5 test

sixth test was restarting the computer to user logging promt.

desktopBSD came first with 1 minuted and 45 sec. second was pc-BSD with 2 minute flat.. third was MEPIS. with 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

seventh test was shootdown time.MEPIS came first with 28 sec
PC-BSD second with 30, and desktopBSD third with 45 sec...

well for the most part was a battle between D and PC since they are brothers (freebsd its father) MEPIS I think it was too heave for this guys because it comes with alot of software but it was mighty stable and held its own with this guys (why?) ..

to quote molnarq: You really have to know what each os does at boot time to compare apples with apple.!!! NO REALLY. I mean we are in the desktop OS playfield and your users will be regular guys that expect their desktop os to be atleast competitive with other desktop os, I bet he wont say " oh yeah but mine is pc-bsd and yours is linux so they are different" NO he wont care whats going on in the bootbio or if bsd reads his sound card this way and his friends linux reads it different.

so when you say apples to apples, mepis and pc-bsd are apples even windows is an apple here.

:P keep the good work guys I really like pc-bsd and its ideas
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