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Default Upgrade from PC-BSD 9.1-RELEASE to PC-BSD 9.2-RELEASE without reinstalling.
If you are like me and

1) are happily running the original PC-BSD 9.1-RELEASE with pkgng support, and
2) don't feel like doing a fresh install because you have too much stuff
around, including jails and what not, but
3) feel like you should be running 9.2-RELEASE, getting security
updates, and new features

here is what I did. There is no guarantee this will work for you, but here it goes:

0) Backup everything, of course, and just in case take a snapshot of tank0 so you can revert there if you screw things badly.

# zfs snapshot -r tank0@backup-9.1-RELEASE

1) Boot into the console, to minimize the noise in the system. In /etc/rc.conf, set GDM_ENABLE=NO. Reboot.

2) update the base OS to 9.2-RELEASE with freebsd-update:

# freebsd-update -r 9.2-RELEASE upgrade

You may need to reboot and run freebsd-update install, follow the instructions on screen.

You will boot into FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE, with the silly Nakatomi Socrates thing in the loader menu. That doesn't bother me too much.

3) Set pkgng to use the 9.2-RELEASE repository. In /usr/local/etc/pkg.conf:


4) Update the pkg index and upgrade all packages. I had been updating packages regularly, so this didn't take a long time.

# pkg update
# pkg upgrade


5) OK, now you are only missing the PC-BSD goodies ... you only need to check out the code and install them. You may need to install git to check out the PC-BSD sources:

# pkg install git

Check out the code:

# git clone git://

And compile it:

# cd pcbsd/src-sh

# make && make install

# cd ../../pcbsd/src-qt4

# qmake-qt4

# make && make install

I had to rename a file in pcbsd/src-qt4/life-preserver/lp-gui/ from to Otherwise everything compiled clean.

6) Re-enable GDM in /etc/rc.conf set GDM_ENABLE=YES

7) Reboot into PC-BSD 9.2!

I still get the FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE loader menu, but other than that, the new AppCafé is working fine, my jails in Warden still work OK, and all my data and desktop configuration survived.

I know this is not exactly like a PC-BSD 9.2 fresh install, but having all my stuff in place is a greater benefit to me ... If anyone spots something that could have been done better, please correct it.

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Could you please elaborate on how to merge config files? I felt curageous to start this process on my spare machine and got stuck in process where system asked/presented diff files. What was I suppose to do? I have never tried this process before. Tnx for this great walktrough
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Old 11-20-2013, 09:56 PM
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Hi Helix

I also got into the merging mess. If you know how diff works and how to move around in vi a bit, getting rid of the conflicts is not difficult, but still painful. The main conflict was the FreeBSD version in the header of the files; you should keep the line that says 9.2.0, and remove the one from 9.1

If you're not comfortable with vi and diff syntax, this might be just too much pain, but also a chance to learn something.

I'm sorry I didn't document all the conflicts I had to merge with the update; my brain must have erased the memory of deleting all those silly version headers ...
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