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Old 10-10-2013, 02:03 AM
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Default Appcafe download error
Hello everybody,

I'm very new to PC-BSD. I have just registered on this forum.
I have some experience with the Linux OS and know how to use the console / terminal to find and/or fix things and such or install packages, etcetera.
Also installing packages with the 'pkg' command works very well and don't have any problems with that.

I don't know if its okay I start a new thread about it or that I should post in already existing thread with similar problems. I apologize if I should post in another thread about this.

Anyway, here's my description of my problem:

With the Appcafe I can't seem to install anything. I get an error window and it states:
(I tried to install Audacity, an audio editor, but the error is showing with every PBI I try to install via Appcafe).

FETCH: /audio/audacity/9/x64/audacity-2.0.4-amd64.pbi
Download Failed:
ERROR: Failed downloading PBI
I am from The Netherlands and the host command in a terminal produces this:
Code: is an alias for has address has address
I have read a similar thread about this problem and there was a user from Germany who has or had the same problem.
The geographic location of The Netherlands is right next to (to the left) Germany.
Maybe it might be a issue only in certain parts of Europe ?

Some more details about my internet connection:

I am very certain that I have a very stable internet connection (120 mbit cable).
Since I'm with my current ISP (since about 2 years) I didn't experience any problems whatsoever or just very minor connection problems when there is a major maintenance from the ISP on the network.

I am not behind a router, so my computer is directly connected to the cable modem (I'm having a problem with a router that is broken I think). So, I'm sure that there are no misconfigured ports or anything. And the cable modem is not a router modem and is not accessible by users, only by the ISP. I do have a dynamic IP and not a static one.

Anyway, sorry for my lengthy post and that my first post is about a problem.
I would like to state that besides the PBI download the OS itself is running very smooth and fast. I don't experience any software errors or system errors (at least not that I'm aware of).

So, I am very happy to be a PC-BSD user and have a very positive experience with this operating system. Its just the PBI or the CDN servers that won't cooperate for now.
Thanks in advance for reading and or commenting and I understand if the problems can't be fixed straight away. I'm going to be patient and see what happens. Meanwhile I install software via the 'pkg' command in the terminal, if that's possible. But I hope that I can use the PBI again for certain installations.

Thanks for reading and/or commenting in advance.
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Old 10-10-2013, 01:29 PM
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Try to download another time, please.
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I would also say just try it again.
I did hear that the CDN was down for a short time, so perhaps that was just when you were trying to access it. Both the packages you use with the "pkg" command and the PBI's are hosted on the CDN (although in different areas of it), so if you are able to find the packages you should also be able to find the PBI's.
~ Ken Moore ~
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Old 10-11-2013, 10:57 PM
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Thanks monsee & BeanPole for your replies, it is very much appreciated.
I will try again like you've mentioned. Indeed the pkg command installing programs works very well but the appcafe PBI doesn't.
Like you observed this is strange indeed and perhaps there is something not right on my side, but I can't figure out what that might be.
I have not tinkered with any system settings or firewall settings, I did do the small updates that were offered in the systray.
Furthermore I like PC-BSD very much and I must admit that the map or folder structure and the locations of script or config files are very different than Linux.

Anyway, thank you very much and I will check later on again. I am writing this from a linux box, so I can't or have not checked yet if it works again.

I will continue to take a look on this forum. Great forum with nice people. Thanks Beanpole and thanks monsee

Greetings and regards,
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Default PBI download error
Hi, I experience the same error, installed PCBSD 9.2 twice with all standard options.
In App Cafe, after 1-2 installed apps, all downloads fail. Will try the terminal with pbi_add.
Thanks to all.
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Old 10-15-2013, 09:21 PM
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This is a known problem with at least one mirror used in the cdn, see here:
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