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Default How to enable flash plugin on PC-BSD 9.2
Hi all

So i just installed PC-BSD 9.2 on a new partition.

And flash plugin was not working.
Here is the solution that worked for me, seen here
Just open a terminal and type
flashpluginctl on

Then, you will get a confirmation like this :
Flash Plugin for user 'charles' enabled

Don't forget to restart your web browser so the change can take effect !
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helix (10-22-2013)
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TY very much, for this Tip, ...and just like that eh ?

I absolutely abhorr adobe so much, when the heck is all this (Open/Free) html5 stuff ever gonna finally come to fruition, and UNIVERSALLY onto youtube, ... ?

... and NO, not just for Linux, but especially for ALL BSD's, and any other OS's ?. Hey, 'comon Google, wake up already !
sry, I'm just grandstanding but ever since M$ with their absolute FAIL of 8.0/8.1/8.* came out losing billions, well it's now time for "those" supporters of it, Adobe, Sony, ... to come crawling back to a more Free, and open solution for all Users', be ye running whatever OS', as far as things like "youtube" -meaning, stop shackling Users with this adobe proprietary-closed binary flash crap. -That should be a NO-NO, in the Internet, by now !

Trust me Adobe, (for example), there will come a day, when you'll be begging at the doorsteps of BSD, and/or Linux to let you in.?
mmm. well maybe we' (as Users), will think about it, for awhile, but then make you "SWEAT" for a few years, like you did us. !!!
And Google, is even more-to-blame, for ALL this mess.
(...afraid of stockholders not to pleased eh?. Well, you'd be surprised how good freedom feels, in all respects, even for stockholders and money, <- 'ya dum old Crows' ).

"the BSD things in life are Free"

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Here's an interesting tutorial on using the Linux plugin downloaded from Adobe ..

I seem to remember another for OpenBSD that used VLC to play flash in the browser.

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