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Question How do I install a PBI manually?
Elsewhere in this forum,since the PCBSDCDN is not allowing users to complete and install their downloads,a workaround until 9.2 has been suggested.

Namely,go to:

download manually.

My problem since I'm new to PCBSD,is what do I do next?

I see 2 options: Save AS and OPEN,which then asks me for the program,but,which one is that?

Will it cause problems by not using App Cafe?
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I'm using PC-BSD 9.2 with the KDE desktop. When I click on a downloaded PBI file, it automatically opens with the PC-BSD Software Installer wizard.

If I right click on the file using the KDE Dolphin file manager, the default action is "Open with PBI Launcher".

Alternately, you can download PBIs from the the repositories and install them at the command line like so;

sudo pbi_add -v -r tmux

If you want to install a PBI that you've already downloaded it would be more akin to this;

sudo pbi_add -v ~/Downloads/tmux-1.8-amd64.pbi

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