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Default ATI on FreeBSD
a recently posted message on the freebsd-current mailing list: ... 900976&w=2

Originally Posted by Chris Gilbert
Hi there!

Some time ago (about a year actually) I started some work in cooperation with
ATI to port their Linux "fglrx" driver to FreeBSD.

Well, about 2 months into that process I ended up moving to the other side of
the pond and leaving one of my dev machines behind. (The one with the ATI

However, this last week I managed to get ahold of another machine with an ATI
card, and have picked back up where I left off about 9 months ago.

I've put together a preliminary alpha release of the driver port in it's
current state, and done a bit of testing myself. However, I would be thrilled
to get some feedback from you guys!

I have probably done some really horrible things, and I would like to hear it
from you nice folks rather than from a thousand angry gamers.

The driver as it stands does the following:
* Installs the applicable linux libraries, and ATI programs to your
* Compiles and installs the following ATI programs (For FreeBSD):
fgl_glxgears, fglrx_gamma, and the ATI control panel.
* Installs the X11 drivers and libraries. (Linux builds, but work fine under
* Supports full 2D acceleration, including accelerated XVideo.
* Supports TV out and MultiHead.
* Does NOT support 3D acceleration, or build the kernel module.

I have tested the driver with an ATI Radeon 9800LE, and it seems to work great
for desktop, non-gaming use. (Playing video, running KDE, etc)

I am currently working on the kernel module portion of the project.

The X side of the driver is ready and waiting for a DRM device to plug into.

The current hurdles are working with the ATI team to get rid of any
show-stopping linux specifics in the closed-source static libraries which I
have to link my kernel module to.

If there is significant intrest in the project's current state, (without 3D) I
will make a proper port and submit it.

If there are any problems please let me know and I will do my best to fix them

You can download it at: ... 86.tar.bz2


Chris Gilbert
after 9 months of stoppage Chris Gilbert started to port the linux fglrx ati driver to freebsd again. it is _very_ bleeding edge, hence not stable and for testing purposes only. also it does NOT contain 3d acceleration yet.

the author has created a 2nd version of his driver, which is available here: ... 86.tar.bz2

and in ports, too (experimental): ... ver.tar.gz

i have a laptop with an x700 vga, im gonna test this stuff asap.
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Old 12-27-2005, 10:16 PM
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well I played around a bit with this, but I havent managed to get it work yet....

Anybody else? :-)
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