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Talking Starting pcBSD with Privoxy
Hi Folks

I just installed pcBSD and the first thing I'd like to do is add Privoxy as a systemwide (configured in pcBSD system settings) add blocker and proxy to offer minimum protection for my internet browsing against cookies.. to start off right so to speak as a student of open source software. I have a little experience in Ubuntu and I did get it to work easily in Ubuntu 12.04. However, I've exhausted all the freeBSD forums that show me how to do this:

and I keep running into the same problem:

Since I'm new at this and the App Cafe is there and ready, I downloaded Privoxy from there. Just like Ubuntu, it seems to need to be configured in the /etc/privoxy/config (or the above given file) but the problem is: WHERE IS THE FILE TO DO THIS???

I do this in the Konsule.. from the root and home directories, I try to find it (after having downloaded it from App Cafe) using the Man Privoxy command and the output:

"No Manual Entry for Privoxy" ???? It's like it's not even there??

I realize learning this is gonna be difficult and research intensive, so can someone help me with whatever I'm missing here and where to start figuring this out perhaps???
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One of the major differences between PBI's and the other installation types you are used to is that everything is no longer places in the local system base (/usr/local/), but instead will be found in the base PBI directory (/usr/pbi/<progname>-<arch>/). So if you find instructions for modifying the file: "/etc/privoxy/config" you will instead need to look at "/usr/pbi/privoxy-<amd64/i386>/etc/privoxy/config".

I hope this helps!
~ Ken Moore ~
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