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Default PCBSD degrades itself to unusable!!!
I wanted to install this Software:

It is a complete package of several ports installed with a shellscript!

NOTE: users are highly discouraged from using FreeBSD packages or ports or upgrade tools such as portupgrade or portversion from the PC-BSD® command line as Update Manager will remove your manually installed applications and upgrades. If you wish to practice using these tools, instead use Warden® to create a ports jail. If you think an application belongs in the base system (e.g. an add-on to a desktop meta-package), suggest that it be added using one of the resources in the Finding Help section.
This degrades PCBSD to an unusable state.

In Addition I found this:

- when you do an upgrade, programs installed via FreeBSD ports or packages will be removed. If you want to preserve these across system updates, you should install these within a ports jail using Warden®. Better yet, request that your favorite port/package is made into a PBI as PBIs are preserved during an upgrade.

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