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Default Installing PC-BSD 9.1 on Old Emachines Desktop
EMachines, Intel Celeron, 2.7Gig RAM, 500 Gig Hard drive, NVidia GEForce 600 or 700 series graphics card (forgot which)...

Install good, except I selected encrypted disk.... At boot up, the wireless keyboard is not yet recognized sooooooo CANNOT enter the password to continue (!!) but...if you plug in a bus keyboard, it recognizes that, you can type in the password and continue !

Install went perfectly, everything beautiful, except for two things which make EVERYTHING UNUSEABLE and forced me back to Fedora Core 17

1. The NVidia graphics card is not recognized, the install seems to stop with "NO SCREENS FOUND"... but if you wait a minute or so and do nothing, it uses the VESA generic driver and the install continues OK. (Note, the old PC-BSD 8 recognized the card just fine and gave a beautiful resolution selection option right during the install...why was this dropped?). My Fedora 17 recognizes the card and gives me full 1280x1024 on my Sony flatscreen immediately and without problems.

2. The USB wireless adapter (I tried two of them) are ABSOLUTELY NOT SEEN AND NOT RECOGNIZED. Attempts to go to terminal and use iwconfig and use it to configure the wireless card fail immediately as it does not recognize iwconfig as a valid command.
I tried re-doing the install with the wirless adapters already plugged in. Same result. NOTHING. Needless to say, Fedora 17 recognized my wireless adapter.

The two wirless USB adapters that I tried were the:
a:Netgear WNA 1100 (N150) and
b: An ASUS N13 USB wireless adapter (this one was explicitly mentioned by someone as working perfectly with PC-BSD, well, not on my computer it wasn't).

And no, I did not have them both plugged in at the same time.

This is my second attempt at installing PC-BSD, the last time was mid September of last year.

EVERYTHING ELSE WORKS, IT'S BEAUTIFUL, THE DESKTOP IS GREAT and I'd love to use this operating system. But for the screen res to be limited and, most importantly, its inability to handle popular wirless interfaces, prevent me (and probably many others) from using what probably should be the DOMINANT alternative operating system. Too bad.

Keep up the good work, will try PC-BSD 9.2....
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