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Old 12-31-2012, 02:50 AM
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Default 9.1 x64 - Installs OK, Won't boot
Installation of PC-BSD 9.1 x64 completes with no errors. When I try to boot the newly installed system it hangs at the screen where I choose F1 for PC-BSD or F6 for PXE.

The failure is slightly different depending on install media. If installed from USB I get a boot loop between the BIOS screen and the F1 boot screen. If installed from DVD it just hangs at the F1 screen.

I installed PC-BSD 9.0 and I'm posting this so it seems to be working fine, and I assume the hardware is OK.

Whatever the problem is, it seems to be limited to 9.1.

My system specs are pretty mundane, a ~3 year old HP system:

OEM HP mobo, Pegatron, can't read model no. but I think it is "IPMBK" or something similar
Core i7 920
9 GB DDR3 1066 RAM
nVidia GTX 460, 1792 MB
Seagate 2 TB "Green" hard drive.

Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences they were able to resolve?
Old 01-02-2013, 06:51 PM
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It seems that the problem depends on HDD.
I tried to install 9.1 RELEASE x64 on my hardware with 3 different HDDs (1.5TB, 2TB, 2TB). The problem was present at 1 HDD (the newest one).
Finally I've found a solution - using gujin boot manager :
- Download gujin
- Create a small primary partition for bootloader (I used PartedMagic)
- Install PC-BSD to the rest of disk
- Boot PC-BSD from gujin CD (included in download) to test that all works fine
- Create a bootable USB key with any flavour of Linux and copy gujin install files to this key (I used Slax Linux)
- Read gujin manual (!!!)
- Boot linux from USB key, follow gujin instructions to install bootloader to the small partition and install gujin MBR.

Note, GAG mentionned in HandBook does NOT work for me.

It seems that you have the same HDD.
Old 01-05-2013, 05:26 PM
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Thanks for the suggestion re the HDD; I did wonder about the Seagate. I have used it in this PC as both a data and boot drive at different times, with Win7/8, various Linux distros and even Mountain Lion. It works fine with all those.

But I had it in my Itanium2 system and had some issues. This is a homebrew system, built from scrounged, salvaged, and self-fabricated parts and it runs OpenVMS. Obviously there are plenty of possible incompatibilites in that combo and I was actually surprised the Seagate drive was the only thing that did cause problems.

Maybe there is something specific about the Seagate that some OSes just don't like though. I'll have to drag the machine out from under the desk and swap some parts but now I know my suspicions are at least shared I've got a place to start. Thanks again.
Old 01-07-2013, 03:25 AM
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I had the exact same (post-installation "booting") issues/problems as the OP (@rjprice), of this thread did.

It has liitle to do with the (HDD)disk, and if it does, it's because of a "possible" faulty/buggy ZFS installation problem with PCBSD 9.1 (x64). ?

I did the same clean install again, but instead of selecting (the default) ZFS,
I opted for UFS2, and everything booted up fine afterwards, ...

And, just to double-check, I tried a few default (ZFS) installs, with/without GPT, and with/without Boot Loader ...
And in ALL the above scenario's, it (appeared) to install successfuly, but upon reboot, it hung ... ???

I did this, to eliminate the possibility of ZFS and the "PCBSD Boot Loader" having a conflict, and also to eliminate the possibility of it being my "disk", which is ridiculous, since this disk has installed/booted up with FreeBSD 9/8.2/..., as well as a couple Linux distro's(sry, but I had to mention this), , with NO problems. !

If I use UFS2, (instead of the default ZFS installation), everything went fine, booting, in PCBSD 9.1(x64).

Hopefully, the PCBSD devs,..., are working to fix this possible issue in PCBSD 9.1(x64).

Edit: I've read around that "GAG" may be a possible solution, but I hope this is not a permanent one?.
"the BSD things in life are Free"

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