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Smile 9.1 sometimes better than Os X
Yesterday, after fixing bad caps and other wrong thing in this computer, i got pcbsd 9.1 x32 and x64.

i also downloaded essential pbis for burning them into a dvd and install them without having to download. This worked pretty well, excepto for opera 12 wich doesn't start, but firefox works well and pretty responsive.

I installed hplip and my HP C4280 now works problemless. HPLIP should have a PBI shipped by HP i think. Same for the other printers, as this fixes very bad problems that still plagues the unix like systems.

KDE4.8 runs problemless on 1.5 gb ram and an old pentium 4 processor, this is a broken computer i rebuilt replacing caps.

This is my first day with pure 9.1 and all i have is fun, and it's not my most powerfull computer, wich is going to have a full motherboard rebuild and upgrades.

There are two things i think that should be tweaked: KDE comes with lots of stuff in the menus, wich new users hardly uses. The other thing i know that causes trouble is that, in the first startup, it tries to go to the detected video card and then crashes, i fixed that starting from vesa and using it, having a crispy and well defined picture quality.

Except for those small stuff, i find pcbsd far more friendler than commercial systems, now i feel windows and mac os x are surpassed by pcbsd. All it needs is wayland, but after having learn that mother caps are a key component behind graphic performance, i worry less about that.

PC-BSD is the future of home, office and lab computing and we all should support it.
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I find that PCBSD seems to be one of the better desktop Unix-based OSes I've ever used. I a fairly gung ho FreeBSD advocate and have generally preferred it for all home systems but I find the PCBSD seems to have some work done to make the GUI a little less cantankerous. Also PCBSD supports many of the newest browser/plugin options available - The newest CentOS Firefox I could find, for example, was version 10. I am no stranger to compiling everything but I installed the 17.0 PBI and it just seems to work, quite well in fact. There are some things that will probably be smoothed out over time with the interfaces but I really don't need another desktop OS. I am now running only PCBSD 9.1 on my notebook for all desktop purposes and it shines in that area. Kudos PCBSD team and all contributors!

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I'd like to join on that - PCBSD 9.1 is great, better than ubuntu 12.10,kubuntu,debian,fedora,sabayon and other distros I've tried...
keep up the good work!
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