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Default 9.1 and fluxbox (KDE?)/ports versioning issues

Medium term PC-BSD user (about 18 months). I use it as my main household server for two reasons. 1) It's super stable. 2) ZFS. I have been through 8.2 and 9 and my main disk failed Tuesday so I thought I'd move to 9.1 as it was released about 3 hours before my disk failed (yes, I have backups etc). The big winner for me is being able to move my boot drive to ZFS - I have 2x 120G SSDs arriving today just for that!

I had an old 120G HDD (SATA I - it's that old) and have recovered/rebooted the machine onto that and will mirror the image onto the two SSDs later. I also run a FAMP server on the machine (I will migrate it to jails once I have everything running OK) and PC-BSD seemed to install apache & MySQL out of the box. php5 was missing though (or at least the apache extensions appeared to be). This is when my problems started.

Drop into ports/lang/php5 and type make... It tells me theres a missing dependency on pcre, so looking at the ports/UPDATING, there's a small section:

  AFFECTS: users of devel/pcre

  The pcre library has been updated to version 8.32.  Please
  rebuild all ports that depend on it.

  If you use portmaster:
        portmaster -w -r pcre
  If you use portupgrade:
        portupgrade -fr devel/pcre
  If you use pkgng with binary packages:
        pkg install -fR devel/pcre
Which I do (the portupgrade method).... however, I'm still left with a shedload of dependencies on (8.32 seems to compile to a .so.3 version). Doing a

Shows a large number of installed code elements with dependencies on A few hours later (the server is an Athlon II x4 630 and I was running 3/4 compiles in parallel), and those dependencies are gone. I try to boot and whilst the machine boots, I have a very strange X environment (I boot to fluxbox as the only graphical interaction is via VNC). On further investigation, it appears KDE comes compiled at 4.9.2 but the ports directory (which is fully updated) is only running 4.8.4.

I guess there are about 60 further dependencies - compiling those (another few hours) individually down to the installed port tree (4.8.4) gives me a working X environment, but now Qt apps don't work.... It looks like Qt ships with 4.8.3 (as I don't have 4.8.3 in my ports tree, so the portupgrade command can't have upgraded them), but many of the libraries are compiled with 4.8.2 which are incompatible. Another few hours individually compiling the drivers and I have a fully working X/KDE/fluxbox (or as best as I can tell working) environment.

I did 2 installs with similar experiences (once I hit the recompile point on the first install, I just re-installed just to be sure). It seems that the ports tree and the distributed version are out of sync., and this can cause problems for people wanting to install from the ports tree. Or did I do something wrong?



PS. Another related problem was that I wanted to install the kernel sources to compile up the latest Nvidia driver. It seems that FreeBSD 9.1 hasn't officially been released yet (due to the hack that happened a few weeks ago) and all the 9.1 RELEASE files have been pulled from the FreeBSD site.....
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