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Old 10-13-2012, 05:54 PM
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Default 9.1-RC2 Installation, choosing language, no user
after a long time i try out PCBSD again. I have 2 problems.
1 - In the initial grafic screen you can choose a language. If I choose German, then I'm resetted to the start of the dvd. So I run English instead of German and it works.
2 - During the installation there is no chance to make root, a user or else to give them any password.
After the installation is finished I'm examined for user and pw to login.

After the first unsuccesfull try with 9.2-RC1 on my laptop It seems to be the second or not yet?

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Old 10-14-2012, 05:18 PM
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Hi there! Just to clarify something, in your post you mention 9.2 version, which is not yet out. As of this writing, RC2 for version 9.1 has just been released.
Regarding second point, there is users/password adding after initial reboot. That is to simplify process for preloaded system where user can add his passwords at his convenience at later time (after reboot).

For 1st question I haven't tried, done upgrade from RC1 with no problems.


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Default One solution for creating users at first boot
I know that the initial title is not right, 9.2 is not out, but the bug is.
I tried and googled a lot before I ended up in this post,
So, in order to help others to find a solution, I'll post mine.

It typically occurs when you want to change the language settings.
Then it jumps directly from language settings to login screen, without going to the time zone and the root and user creation.

Keeping everything to standard settings worked for me. I kept English us all along and then could create a root password and users. Then, it is fairly easy to tweak keyboard and language afterwards.

I hope this will save some headaches, enjoy that nice bsd platform!
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