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Question KDE 4.8 (or higher)
My office computer is currently running Kubuntu with KDE 4.8. I'd like to switch to PC-BSD, but I'm waiting for KDE 4.8 to become available. (In two weeks KDE 4.8.1 will be out.)

The main reason is Kontact. The Kontact suite in PC-BSD is an older version. If I switch now there will be possible migration problems later. I haven't heard 1 person saying that the Kmail migrator from to the akonadi-based Kmail2 actually worked.

So, my question is: when can we expect KDE 4.8 (or higher) in PC-BSD and how will the upgrade work? Will it require PC-BSD 9.1 or will it be delivered through the update manager?

Also, KDE brings out small monthly updates. Do these find their way to PC-BSD? One of the reasons for switching is that the BSD base is far more stable than Ubuntu. KDE however, should have more or less the same bugs, so bug fixes are welcome.
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Default KDE 4.8 (or higher)
Usually large desktop updates like that will be included with the next
release of PC-BSD, in this case 9.1 We don't tend to do too many them in
the interim, to avoid regressions.
Kris Moore
PC-BSD Founder
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Old 02-23-2012, 12:01 PM
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i guess it is not recomanded but to look at at the version numbers my help
... there is no kontact
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Thanks for the answers. Maybe I'll wait, maybe not and hope for the best when the day of the upgrade comes. Now, I don't like 'fixed' dates, because critical bugs tend to be overlooked in distributions that make sure to ship on a certain date, but is there any roadmap to 9.1 does the release happen according to the "when it's ready" principle?

I understand not doing monthly updates to avoid regressions, but I have found a few that aren't present in KDE 4.8. Fixing bugs and introducing new ones often happens at the same time

I believe that Kontact is part of kdepim
The version in PC-BSD is 4.4.11 while the current version is 4.8. That version is totally different. (Not especially more stable, but based on Akonadi. The current revision of Akonadi also takes less resources.) It seems to be a problem in every Linux distribution too. You'd find a lot of requests of how to remove the whole Akonadi experience.

I don't want it removed, I want it fixed. I'd like to try using multiple Kolab servers. The older versions can't do that while the current can. At least the documentation says so.
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Old 02-24-2012, 08:26 PM
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I want it merely for the Global menu widget :P
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Old 03-03-2012, 05:31 AM
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Default Is this acceptable?
I know enough from my experience in Linux that creating the appropriate packages for installation isn't that hard. 99% of the work is done by the group that writes the software. Sure there are issues, but anyone experienced enough should be able to push out these updates in a couple hours. And, you guys have the PBI, so the process should be even more simplified for you. If you aren't using the PBI for this then what are you using it for? So I guess I have to ask, is this acceptable?

Unless you are intentionally trying to keep PC-BSD as a small clique then this isn't acceptable and you guys should be working double time to get this (not PC-BSD 9.1--KDE 4.8 for PC-BSD 9.0) out. Also, I believe KDE 4.8 was out prior to the release of PC-BSD 9.0.

I've just started with PC-BSD 9.0 and the update to 4.8 is pretty sizable. I can't figure out why this wasn't done from the start. It couldn't be that hard.

And, I see that there are a lot of other bugs in PC-BSD 9.0, so I have been asking myself how I should go about getting the updates, particularly from the command line (CLI). I do a lot of sudo apt-get in Linux and have been searching for ways to do the same in PC-BSD 9.0. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would tell me the command. I have been searching Google. I guess I'm getting old because I can't find squat about PC-BSD, and particularly about how to do updates via the CLI in Google's search.
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Jimbo, we're talking about BSD not Linux. I agree with you, creating KDE packages for a certain Linux distribution shouldn't be that hard. But porting KDE to FreeBSD needs a lot more attention, because KDE is bonded with some specific Linux stuff for which the porters are in need to find and write solutions that work in FreeBSD.
Have a look at the FreeBSD KDE mailing list
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after determining the name of the package (binary executable, *not* building from source) you'd like to install at, you can install it as root; e.g.

# pkg_add -r package_name

if you weren't aware, PCBSD is based on FreeBSD, so there's a significant level of similarity between commands for both. if you're looking for something particular, try googling for "task-you're-looking-for freebsd".

also: the PCBSD handbook --
and: the FreeBSD handbook --

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