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Default AppCafe is crashing during downloading on my PC
Dear PC-BSD authors, enthusiasts, users,

I have installed PC-BSD 9 on tiny 2-core processor Acer Veriton N282G, GNOME on desktop, however the same is happening with KDE.
My first installation of the system and applications using AppCafe I made using Ethernet cable, just re0 interface was recognized.
Everything was fine, I installed plenty of software without any single problem.
For some reasons (actually testing some different distros) I installed again, this time deciding to convert WinXP 64bit driver for Ralink 3090 wireless card installed in my Acer.
After some turbulences finally I got WIFI connection, and it looks stable how long I use web browsers.
When I start AppCafe, after a while (couple of minutes, just enough to download some 20 - 50% of installation package) it's badly crashing, no message, just PC is rebooting immediately, then is starting again to let me login. It looks like "reset button action". As long I don't touch AppCafe, all is working fine.
On the beginning I thought it's a problem with screensaver (I read about some problems in the past) but it's not screensaver, I can keep desktop active or switch off saver, it's still crashing. Sometimes I'm able to install smaller application, but such Firefox (205MB to download) I cannot. It's crashing after 25 - 30%.
My generated by ndis kernel module is rt2860_sys.ko, and it's loading, but I get the message during start: NDIS: open file /compat/ndis/rt2860.bin failed: 2 and NDIS: open file /compat/ndis/rate.bin failed: 2
What does it mean?
Has enybody such problems with AppCafe?

Warm regards,

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Old 02-22-2012, 01:04 PM
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Sounds more like a wireless driver issue than an appcafe one. Does the problem stop if you go back to ethernet?
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