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Default No Bootloader after install
I dont have any hair left.

I keep getting same errors.. I've tried all I can think
of and being new to BSD doenst help.

System is Gigabyte M/B with AMD 700 processor
384 Mb ram
100mhz buss
ACPI disabled
nothing fancy..
I downloaded the .iso twice from different servers
thinking something was off.. no luck.
Install appears to be normal performs all ops and
on reboot is hangs.. ???
F1 FreeBSD

Default F1

error 1 lba 268715615
No /boot/loader

FreeBSD/i386 boot
Default 0:ad(0,a)/kernel
No /kernel

FreeBSD/i386 boot
Default 0:ad(0,a)/kernel
fdisk doesnt work from selection..
it just reverts back to the original
selection to install when you click
OK and expect fdisk to show. Its
almost as if its getting the wrong
info on bootloader location ???
When extraction starts the first line
shows an error "failed to set default
code" but it flashes quick and its hard
to read.

Use entire disk.. NG
Use BSD boot-loader.. NG
Install.. NG

installed on three (3) different disks:
80Gb WD CaviarWD800
15Gb Quantum Fireball lct15
10.2 Gb Fuji

all three come up with the same errors as above
I really want to dio this and am stubborn to a fault
with problems such as this and its probably
something simple but its over my head..
anyone ??
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