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Default Java issues
I'm new to BSD, but not to Unix-like operating systems. I have installed Firefox and Java, yet I cannot get the Java plugin for Firefox to be configured. I'm sure it is a simple question that gets asked a lot, however, I have little experience with configuring the plugin under PC-BSD. I have already attempted to create a symlink for the plugin, however, there already is a symbolic link for the plugin in the ~/.mozilla/plugins/ directory. What do I need to do to get Java working? I need to get the Java Web Start working so that I may have an option as a work around to a Minecraft/Java issue that I am currently experiencing. I thank those who would attempt to help me with this issue in advance, and I'm certain I will find some help here, since I have never had an issue that an Open Source OS forum hasn't been able to solve!


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Default Update
I ended up replacing it with the Linux Java, and I still have no access to the Java Web Start platform.
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Old 07-26-2011, 08:51 PM
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Have you tried the PBI version of Java?
It's the PCBSD way of installing apps. It should work along with the Firefox PBI.
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Default try icedtea
Icedtea is the name of the open sourced version of the Java firefox plugin. It will be automatically installed with the OpenJDK PBI at or you can install it from ports by going to /usr/ports/java/openjdk6 (or openjdk7)
/usr/ports/java/icedtea6-stubs. and running make install clean

If you use the Java PBIs, OpenJDK and Java JRE, you don't have to build the ports.
This should automatically load the plugin into your Firefox. Check for its presence by looking in tools-->addons-->plugins.
It should be listed under Icedtea-Web plugin. I hope this is helpful.
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