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Old 11-27-2005, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by erk
Originally Posted by kuzzitsfun
Can't wait for this release! I will be able to use it on my averatec 5400 laptop since FreeBSD 6.0 works with no problem but I WANT PC-BSD on it.
I too recently bought new laptop, Thinkpad R52. I tried PC-BSD 0.83 on it with not much luck, so I tried 6.0-RELEASE and that was much better, acpi_ibm and some of the iwi wirless driver bits are installed, they still needed some editing of the /boot/loader.conf and a few other tweaks, only problem with 6.0-RELEASE I noticed was the acpi_ibm firstly "saver" did not turn off the LCD backlight when it kicks in, and secondly the fn keys did not map to the acpi_ibm man page key table so when I tried to turn off the LCD backlight from the keyboard the whole thing went to sleep and had to be power cycled!

The Ubuntu linux folk have got the Thinkpad hardware detection under control, WiFi, acpi, numlock etc. but I am way more comfortable with FreeBSD, so this next PC-BSD release based on 6.0-RELEASE should be well worth waiting for.

Will the upgrade system be able to cope with the huge number of changes between 0.83 and the 6.0-RELEASE based version, or will that require a fresh install?

/EDIT I will be installing from scratch, but I was just curious as to how much change the upgrade system can handle.
Maybe this helps.
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Default help me

I am facing problem to use my mouse in new version of PCBSD. It stops moving at some places and then moves. My mouse works fine in other OS. ops:

It is a nice OS to be used but without a mouse I can't do more.

Please,please send me solution for it, to:
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