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Default resolution 1024x768 PCBSD guest
I install last virtualbox on Windows XP SP3 and install PC-BSD 8.1 with VirtualBOX .everything is good and PC-BSD work good and great , but I have big problem with resolution and and resolution is 800x600 and I can not change it 1024x768 or higher , I change Xorg.conf and put on it 1024x768 . but still I can not change it . and it is 800x600 , so I do not know what I must do , I see some document and I install virtualbox guest addintion from ports in PC-BSD , , but still I can not change resolution and use high resolution .
Do I need reconfigure xorg after install virtualbox-ose-additions and make new xorg.conf ?
My mainboard has onboard VGA and it is Intell and I use 128MB of RAM for VGA and enable 3D Acceleration in VirtualBOX for PC-BSD
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That is likely the best that you will get since Intel has poor Xorg support and the guest addition for FreeBSD is a bit wonky. You can try to rerun the Xorg configuration during boot, Option 7?, and see if it helps. There is really only two driver that you can try during the setup, either vesa or intel.

Example of an intel card that worked (not Vbox install).
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