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Default Wifi on PC-BSD, especially for BCM4306 chips
Dear all,

I've discovered PC-BSD a while ago, and I'm watching at its developpment since then. This project seems to have the same goals as mine, which is to have a computer working fine without any problems when adding new software. Stability and reliabillity shall be what we might now have everytime on every computers.

I would give PC-BSD a try if I was sure that I can use it in my media center PC. The question is, will I be able to access the internet, considering that my connection would use a PCI wavelan card based on BCM4306 chip. I use it successfully with Damn Small Linux or Mandriva 10.2, through ndiswrapper. I know that there is something like "ndis" on BSD that can give the same result.

Could you please tell me if PC-BSD will allow me to use my wifi connection ?

On an other subject, I would like to use my new PC-BSD install as a media center. I'm really unsatisfied with Windows Media Center 2004 or Windows + Media Portal, because of stability or reliability problems (sound not synchonized with images, software freezes very often when using fast forward reading options, ...). For the moment, I'm not successfull when setting up my Hauppauge PVR-250 TV card under Mandriva (it is recognized, but I cannot set it up). Perhaps would I be more lucky with PC-BSD ? But then, will a PVR software like MythTV will run on PC-BSD ?

Thanks a lot for your answers.

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Don't know will your wifi and tv card work out of the box, only test for now show it

About your wifi, take a look in here:

Seems there is FreeBSD port of MythTV, more about it in here: ... etup+Guide
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