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Default ZFS on Root Slice & Partition Recommendations
I have 1 hard disk, 2 partitions. 90GB used for PC BSD and the other for Windows.

I choose a custom partitioning setup and assigned the entire 90GB partition to one slice with ZFS and and one ZFS file system on that ZFS slice, that is the / file system.

Is encryption supposed to work with ZFS on root? I tried that and it immediately failed. I also asked it to install a pc-bsd bootloader and now I can't boot into windows, maybe because the install failed? I then installed it with encryption turned off and all worked. But are there 'better' slice/partition setups?

The installer asked me if I was happy with no SWAP partition, I said yes. Might have been a bad idea? I'd have thought that if SWAP is on a separate slice (not using ZFS I assume) then the data managed by the virtual memory subsystem can suffer from the same data integrity problems that ZFS fixes in UFS, Ext etc. I assumed that ZFS setup swap space on root by itelf.

Is is a good idea to mount other 'standard' file systems under that ZFS slice with root on it. E.g. /tmp, /var, /boot. Or should these go on other partitons? Putting them on another partition seems unnecessary given ZFS's volume management features.

Any thoughts?

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99% of the time, the system has no use for the swap file. You don't need it.
One partition for ZFS is a logical arrangement. I use separate partitions with ZFS because I have a lot of room and as an extra measure of protection against failure but only catastrophic hardware failure will bring ZFS down. I have used it on another hard drive where I know there is a physical error but ZFS will work around it.
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Thanks for the input Ralph. Sounds like I'll be ok without SWAP.

Is it ok to add /tmp, /var as a ZFS file systems now that the install is complete? E.g.

zfs create /tmp

With regards the encryption problem, from reading around I think /boot needs to be on an unencrypted partition, although it sounds like "geli" can be used to encrypt the whole disk somehow without this problem. It's something I'll have to look into later.
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Default ZFS on Root Slice & Partition Recommendations
Here's how I did my laptop partitioning with GELI / ZFS:

UFS - /boot 512MB
ZFS.geli - /,/usr,/var - XXXXXXMB
SWAP - SWAP - 4000MB

This only leaves the /boot partition unencrypted with the key files on
it, but my passphrase is still required to mount ZFS "/" and other
partitions. Seems to work great here
Kris Moore
PC-BSD Founder
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