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Default wallpaper / visual style
Ahum, I had to look on the internet to find how I could change the wallpaper in PCBSD and that felt very stupid .., turned out I was not the only one looking for this
Right button and folder view settings is not the first thing people will think of when new to this
most Linux systems have like Windows the option change desktop background ..
Also I do not like to much the Hubble theme, you guys did a nice job but anyway, have a look at Linux Mint or Sabayon especially which focus on visual style of the operating system too
you do not have to reinvent the wheel if it is already done, just make it better

I tried to change the visual style with installing new themes .. for some reason the lettertype of the icons on the desktop do not perform well, having a Samsung 22 and 7800GT I believe this is not the hardware because the other letters are performing well

I am unable to remove the Hubble style, also I do not know how to remove the downloaded and installed wallpapers out of the folder including the Hubble one
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