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Default Switching from KDE to Enlightenment (E17)
I am new to PC BSD and I have been attempting to switch my Window Manager to Enlightenment E17.

Now I have been searching around the internet for awhile but I haven't found any instructions that have worked for me.

Many instructions have said to edit or create the ~/xinitrc file.

Firstly, I do not have an xinitrc file to edit, and I am not sure where to put the file. Which directory does it go in? Is ~ the home directory? I cannot remember.

What exactly do I need to put in the xinitrc file? "exec enlightenment" ?

What else needs to be done? I am not even sure which login manager I'm currently using, nor how to find out which (It's the default one that installs with PC-BSD 8.0)

In my /usr/X11R6 folder there are no enlightenment files. I know they installed somewhere else, however I also cannot remember how to find out where a port installed itself to.

I apologize for my ignorance on this matter however I have spent over a week feebly trying to get it to work.

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Default Re: Switching from KDE to Enlightenment (E17)
You are correct ~/ refers to your home directory. Though, if I remember correctly the correct file to create/edit is ~/.xinitrc, if you do it that way, which I wouldn't recommend (more on that later.)

As for what to write in it, that depends on how you installed e17 and where to. Easy e17 installs to /opt, but I'm not certain where the ports e17 install to or where the pbi installs to (if there is one, I haven't looked.) Regardless, the command would be something like
exec /path/to/enlightenment
The better way thing to do is to create a session. These are located in /usr/share/xsessions. Anyways, create a file called Enlightenment.desktop (so long as it's a .desktop file the name's not important.) Inside that file paste:
[Desktop Entry]
modify the exec path to lead to your install.
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