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Default very high cpu load while idle
hello all.
i have the following problem: i installed pcbsd. installation went fine so far. i can boot and all looks fine, but when i start the system-monitor i see a cpu total load ranging from 20% to 60% while idle. the cpu load is inconstant all the time. when i look at the list of processes, i can see that kded4 and xorg are using most of the cpu. sometimes the one uses more, and sometimes the other. i'm not absolutely sure, but if i remember right the cpu usage of kded4 added to the cpu usage of xorg and the other processes aren't as much % as shown under the cpu total load, but i'm not sure about that.
i installed desktopbsd just for comparison. under desktop bsd i have a constant cpu load of under 10% while idle.
i don't want to use desktopbsd because they stopped the development, so i tried pcbsd, but i have no idea why i have such a high cpu load.
can someone help me?

i have this problem with my notebook (HP550). as cpu i use an intel celeron 550 (2.0GHz). the notebook is equipped with 2GB RAM and has an intel onboard graphics card. i used the actual version of pcbsd (64bit) and i didn't update anything. i'm downloading the 32bit version right now, i will tell you if the problem will also exist with that one.

(ps: sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand me ;-))


EDIT: the problem still exists under the 32bit version. it really drives me crazy, because i want to use pcbsd so if anyone has an idea it would be nice if you tell me :wink:
i also have another problem which is described HERE and HERE. i had to install pcbsd without changing the partitions to get it installed. i wanted to make the swap-partition bigger, so is there a way to change the size of the swap partition after installation?
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Default Re: very high cpu load while idle
now i installed kde3 as pbi to compare the performance deifference between kde4 and kde3 but i have also a problem there. when is start the kde system guard i get an error message: "Connection to localhost has been lost". so i do not get any informations to compare. is there a way to solve that? or did i do something wrong? i installed it to the location which is set as standard...
i'm also able to choose english as the only language for kde3, is there a way to change that?


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