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Default How to watch TV using a TVCard using KMPLAYER
Well I'm musing how to use kmplayer to watch TV using a PCI TVCARD usually I watch TV on PCBSD using motv program that is in the package xawtv, I've found some information how to configure this app but it not works to me.

kmplayer KDE config TV: you can find the location where the scripts can be added to your configuration of kmplayer following this PATH : /home/user/.kde/share/apps/kmplayer/filexxx

<device path="/dev/video0" width="320" height="240" name="BT878 video (Hauppauge (bt878))" audio=""
minwidth="48" minheight="32" maxwidth="924" maxheight="576" playback="0" xvport="240">
<input name="Television" id="0" tuner="1" norm="PAL" xvenc="0">
<channel name="Ned1" frequency="21600"/>
<channel name="VCR" frequency="59490"/>
<input name="Composite1" id="1" xvenc="7"/>
<input name="S-Video" id="2" xvenc="14"/>
<input name="Composite3" id="3"/>
<device path="/dev/video1" width="640" height="480" name="Philips 740 webcam" audio=""
minwidth="160" minheight="120" maxwidth="640" maxheight="480" playback="1">
<input name="Webcam" id="0"/>

Well I've added some of the information that i've showed up to the file generated by the button options, channel, norm, etc but I cannot watch or listen nothing maybe kmplayer is only for using with TV online and not with a tvcard, some hint please
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