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Default Where to download the system security updates manually

I use version 1.5.1. After a fresh install the system updater finds some updates and is able to install without problems. My apprehension is that when for the developer this version 1.5.1 is obselete the automatic update procedure will not be available anymore cause of changed update server structures or simply because they removed the files...

Does anybody know wher I can find the system updates (for example the HAL update) and how to install by hand? Please note, I do not mean the system updates from version 1.4 to 1.5, simply the security patches from the system updater.

Many thanks!
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Default Re: Where to download the system security updates manually
The PC-BSD devs don't have a support policy to speak of, but if 1.5.1 is still getting updates instead of ones targeted for 7.0.x , I'd be surprised...

Once update support ends, you'll have no choice but to upgrade (ala Microsoft) or update by hand - I believe FreeBSD 6.3-STABLE is to scheduled to be supported by the FreeBSD security team until 2010, and it's always possible to update your system to a newer version of FreeBSD; by 2010 you will be lucky to get PBI for 1.5.1 anyway, unless PBIDir has another chronic case of rot, so no problemo.

In short, you'll have to maintain ports and under the hood systems the FreeBSD way, once updates from PC-BSD devs end.
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