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Default Request PC-BSD to Boot and Shutdown faster
Hello All,

I am new to PC-BSD. I am new migrating user from windows. I started using ubuntu about 6 months ago. Recently I wanted to explore what other OS are there other than windows and linux. I found PC-BSD and like it quite a bit.

But on my compaq presaio f700 laptop it takes ages to boot (2min11sec) and shutdown (30-40 secs). Where as windows boots in about (30-40 secs) and shutsdown about (15-20secs). Ubuntu does the same in about (40-50 secs to boot and 15-20 secs to shutdown.)

Primarily this is the reason i dont end up using pc-bsd on a dailybasis.

I request developers to address this issue in the next version and try and make pc-bsd lightining quick. That would be really awesome.

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Enable fastboot:
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And that's the way it should be. Optional. Ubuntu, for example, has introduced a lot of problems(*) with their switch to Upstart for fast boots. It shouldn't be a problem on most desktop systems, but for servers, you want reliability.

(*) mainly in the area of storage (LVM), NFS and the use of external filesystems. Services tripped over each other during boot.
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