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Default Lenovo X201 - PCBSD 9
I didn't see anything regarding a x201 from the search, so here's a little hardware compat info for you all. Yesterday I installed PC-BSD 9 on my Lenovo X201. Type 3249-2VU. I had been given an SSD disk to play with, and the hardware/OS had zero issues with it, as could be expected.

Pretty much everything worked out of the box; Networking, graphics, even the wireless interface worked. The only major drawback was the sleep/resume and hibernate. None of which worked. I played around with the ACPI settings, to no avail.

Overall, I was very surprised at how well everything worked. The graphics were a little sluggish, but I did not try to tweak any settings or drivers there. If the sleep or hibernate would have worked, it would have made a very nice platform.

At any rate, I was very impressed with PC-BSD, and will keep an eye on it!

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Old 04-28-2012, 06:07 PM
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Default sleep or hibernate

Thank to summit your experience with lenovo X201 small Laptop.

For your information, I use PC-BSD since 1.5 version and the sleep or hibernate doesn't work on all my Laptop (3) or desktop (5) for last 5 years. On my desktop is not a big problem for me but on my netbook this is a problematic. In overall PC-BSD give me more benefice in comparaison a some problem here and there.

Good new for me because I'am looking to buy a Lenovo X201 for my everyday work...

Best regard
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