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Default Issue with the Live images (32 & 64 bits)
After a first proposal (3 years ago!!!), I've finally convinced the redaction of a review on PCBSD in the French Linux Pratique Essentiel magazine, aimed for the beginners with FOSS.

In my testing, i've found some issues that were troublesome for beginners and that I want to report. I've downloaded the 32 bits live-DVD and 64 bits live-USB images, checked the md5 and there was no problem creating the medias, so I don't think it's coming from there.

So, here are the issues with using live PC-BSD 9.0 (DVD AND USB):

1) (Not so bad, but nevertheless) There's an annoying popup about "Low Disk Space" for the home folder, coming back regularly, for a beginner it sounds like trouble (even if it's not).

2) The Worst For Beginners: NO WiFi in live ! I've tried with 2 laptops and even with supported hardware (urtw0 & iwn0 / lucky me) the icon tray never showed up!

PCSBD > Control Panel > Network ask me if I wanted to activate my card(s) but even after this glimpse of hope, it (they) never appeared too.
I could get them with "ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev iwn0 (or urtw0)" then it (they) showed up, then I could associate with my SSID in WPA, but no way to get an IP adress !

Manually or with dhclient, no way at all (by the way I've seen shortly a message telling "PCBSD dhclient send_packet input output error")!!!

But, once installed, everything fine, I've seen this tray for the first time and it works well and is dead easy (and dhclient works also).

That's a chicken an egg situation: a beginner wants to test his WiFi in Live but can't and has to install to see if it's working, that's a problem, I think (especially in case if still not working at the end)...

I don't know if it would have been better to post this last one in the network section of the forum, but as it's only in the live images (and there's no special section for it) and most of the people test live before installing, it seemed appropriate to create a thread here (please tell if I'm wrong).

Anyway, I've found a few more things that I will post in the relevant sections of the forum.

Greetings from France.
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