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Default asus xonar dg issues
I'm trying to get my ASUS Xonar DG to work under PC-BSD 9 using the OSS driver since there is no support in the kernel.

I'm using the driver from ports oss-4.2.b2006_1 and it detects my card but I have no volume. If I put the speaker up to my ear with the volume cranked to 100% I can hear sound. This setup works fine in Linux and Windows7.

Any ideas?

$ ossinfo
Version info: OSS 4.2 (b 2006/201204150817) (0x00040100) BSD
Platform: FreeBSD/amd64 9.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE #0: Sat Apr 14 11:30:31 MDT 2012 root@:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/DINO ()

Number of audio devices: 2
Number of audio engines: 7
Number of MIDI devices: 1
Number of mixer devices: 1

Device objects
0: oss_cmi878x0 Asus Xonar (unknown) interrupts=0 (3012)

MIDI devices (/dev/midi*)
0: CMI8788 UART (MIDI port 1 of device object 0)

Mixer devices
0: CMedia CMI8788 (Mixer 0 of device object 0)

Audio devices
Asus Xonar (unknown) (MultiChannel) /dev/oss/oss_cmi878x0/pcm0 (device index 0)
Asus Xonar (unknown) (SPDIF) /dev/oss/oss_cmi878x0/pcm1 (device index 1)

/dev/dsp -> /dev/oss/oss_cmi878x0/pcm0
/dev/dsp_in -> /dev/oss/oss_cmi878x0/pcm0
/dev/dsp_out -> /dev/oss/oss_cmi878x0/pcm0
/dev/dsp_ac3 -> /dev/oss/oss_cmi878x0/pcm1
/dev/dsp_mmap -> /dev/oss/oss_cmi878x0/pcm0
/dev/dsp_multich -> /dev/oss/oss_cmi878x0/pcm0
$ ossmix
Selected mixer 0/CMedia CMI8788
Known controls are:
pcm [<leftvol>:<rightvol>] (currently 100:100)
rear [<leftvol>:<rightvol>] (currently 100:100)
center [<leftvol>:<rightvol>] (currently 100:100)
side [<leftvol>:<rightvol>] (currently 100:100)
ext.monitor.analog ON|OFF (currently ON)
ext.monitor.spdif ON|OFF (currently ON)
ext.monitor.inputsrc <Line|Mic> (currently Line)
ext.routing.spread ON|OFF (currently ON)
ext.routing.spdif-loopback ON|OFF (currently ON)
spdif-out.enable ON|OFF (currently ON)
spdif-out.adc/dac ON|OFF (currently ON) <Consumer|Professional> (currently Consumer) <Audio|Data> (currently Audio)
spdif-out.copy ON|OFF (currently ON)
spdif-out.pre-emph ON|OFF (currently ON)
spdif-out.rate <44.1KHz|48KHz|32KHz|88.2KHz|96KHz|64KHz|176.4KHz| 192KHz> (currently 48KHz)
spdif-out.vbit ON|OFF (currently OFF)
vmix0-enable ON|OFF (currently ON)
vmix0-rate <decimal value> (currently 48000) (Read-only)
vmix0-channels <Stereo|Multich> (currently Stereo)
vmix0-src <High|OFF> (currently High)
vmix0-outvol <monovol> (currently 25.0 dB)
vmix0-invol <monovol> (currently 25.0 dB)
vmix0.pcm1 [<leftvol>:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0.pcm2 [<leftvol>:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0.pcm3 [<leftvol>:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
vmix0.pcm4 [<leftvol>:<rightvol>] (currently 25.0:25.0 dB)
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