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Am thoroughly impressed after I read about AppCafe, but unfortunately I had forgotten the fact about being connected. Well, to work the right way things have to install the right way.

Windows has only beautified their GUI when the underlying problem is programs haggling the system files. I often wondered, why Windows as to stay in the top systems refused to move on to something better.

Now I don't care as Windows has become very greedy. 2 years ago when I assembled these 2 computers(Spouse and myself) I paid almost $200 for Win7. What did that disk entitle me to? Only my computer became a legal user. Now if that is not greed, I don't know what is. I made a call to MS and was told I would have to shell out another $200 for hers. Of course, I refused and we went rogue with her computer awhile until MS laid off on us.

So with this PCBSD OS this man Kris is not greedy, he talks to his users, so what is there not to deeply admire about someone that cares? As with all systems and us humans, they are not perfect. Least this system seems more security minded, quiet and efficient. Since this last reload seems things are working better. At College I am constantly telling other students how impressive this system is and how you don't hear all that racheting sounds like with Windows.

Take care and will enjoy hearing all you can tell me about AppCafe and Software manager. I have a few years to catch up on. I know I was very interested in Solaris a few years ago too. Bob
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