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Old 06-06-2011, 12:27 PM
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Default PC-BSD 8.2 on VMware Player
Hello. This is my first try in BSD operating systems. I'm running PC-BSD in vmware player, version 3.1.4 on windows.

I already installed (via ports) the X11 drivers for mouse and graphics, and they seem to work. But I cannot manage to install vmtools on guest. I need this to automatically resize the guest desktop resolution to the size of vmware window.

I tried various approaches: installing the tools bundled with vmplayer, installing them from from ports, installing open-vm-tools from ports, re-trying this after updating ports, installing open-vm-tools from packages, and manually recompiling open-vm-tools downloaded from their website.
Nothing really worked with various error messages, and I broke the system several times because of dependency hell.

Have anyone managed to install this actually?

Now I *could* live without it but KDE 4 seems to forget the desired resolution with every login, botting up in 800x600.

The whole KDE4 with all its bloat and bugs is a disappointment to me. I tried installing GNOME 2 (which broke some dependencies in ports by the way), but it was so... generic. No customization for PC-BSD at all.
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Old 06-27-2011, 08:06 PM
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i could successfully install Pc-BSD 8.2 with KDE on vmware workstation 7.1.2 for windows 7, and I selected "Install vmware tools". It automatically mounts a cd on the guest, you open the tar.gz and read the readme. I tried rebooting and selecting option 7 to configure graphic driver, selecting vmware.

The problem is that my laptop's native resolution is 1600x900 but it's not available for selection in System Settings. The nearest that is available for me is 1440x900. Plus resizing the vmware window does not automatically change guest resolution, that is done if guest is Kubuntu 10.04.

Hope someone helps here.
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