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Thumbs up Option for exit X, to working in text mode.
Hello Developers Team,

I think so one question very necessary and important for all pc-bsd user.
Maybe a option exit a X Window, for update, configurate resolution, depth and all mode of video, or screen without reboot the machine.


Ah, congratulations for this beatful work. It's a best S.O. knowless for me..

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Hello Guibiri,

You are in a section of the forums called: "Books on PCBSD".

Your discussion in this forum should be about books on PCBSD.

It seems you are asking a question about Graphics card configuration of PCBSD. You probably should have asked this question in the "Hardware" section of the forums in the subgroup "Graphics Cards" maybe.

- - - - - - -

1) When you first install PCBSD you were given the opportunity (at the first boot up) to set the Monitor configuration. (You can get back to this section at anytime by rebooting and choosing option "7" from the "PCBSD Welcome Screen"

(PCBSD Handbook pg 69 - Figure 4.8a: PC-BSD Welcome Screen)
(PCBSD Handbook Section: 4.8.6 Monitor Detection)

2) On this screen you should SET your settings to the MOST that your monitor specifications say your monitor is capable of handling. This includes setting the Horizontal and Vertical sync. (See the middle tab)

3) Once you have completed this, allow your system to complete it's boot up into the user account.

4) Bring up the "Screen Resize and Rotate" application.
= Menu / Application [mouse over] / System [click-it] / "Screen Resize and Rotate"

5) Notice in your "System Tray" (usually lower right) you will have a new icon that looks like a "little monitor" with arrows pointing to lower left and upper right of the little screen.

6) Please [Right click] on this icon.

7) You should now have many options in front of you to change your display settings.

Important thing to remember is that the Most you can do with this tool is dependent upon how you set up your monitor in the Display Settings. If you set your monitor to 1024 x 768 in the Display Settings then that is the Max you will be able to set here.

Hope that helps. (If you need to reply, Please do so in a more appropriate forum and leave a link to it here)
- Ben
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