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One of the links in Fatmice's post is pretty close to what I'd like to see:

What I had in mind was a hardware database which focused on OEM solutions as opposed to bare hardware solutions. Maybe with a rating/comment system. So I could go to the hardware database, click "HP laptop" or "HP desktop" and see a list of products they produce which are known to work (or not work) with PC-BSD/FreeBSD.

The Wine project does something like this where they list applications and give them ratings. Gold, silver, bronze, n/a depending on how well the app works.

I think it would be great to be able to check to see if PC-BSD will work with a given machine ahead of time... or be able to buy a machine I'm 99% sure will work with PC-BSD out of the box.

I'm also curious if any OEMs sell PC-BSD pre-installed laptops? I did a search for them and only came up with iXsystems. They have a nice laptop, but it looks like it's targeting a fairly specific (higher end) user, rather than an everyday low/mid-level consumer.
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